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December 06, 2019


Flying car comes to Miami

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)


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Promises made, promises kept. Sort of...

What kind of license will be required for these ?

Will operating while inebriated be known as an FUI, FWI ?

Are they available in an autonomous version?

Will police have them to patrol the skies?

What kind of mileage will it get?

How much will it cost to park and will valets also need a license?

Someone make me stop...

You can bet the ranch that Miami traffic video feeds will turn into the most popular reality show in history.

I think the most immediate change will be drivers switching from handguns to longguns. Also "Road Rage" will become "Air Ire"

Bond 26 has started production already?

@Cheesewiz, I think operating while under the influence will be known as Darwin Award Candidate.

Supercar!... Supercar!...
With beauty and grace,
as swift as can be,
watch it flying through the air!
It travels in space,
or under the sea,
and it can journey anywhere!

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