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December 11, 2019


What Is Figgy Pudding Anyway?

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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I'll stick to donuts for Hannukah.

Well who wouldn't want some steamed cake? I've always thought of it as the British equivalent of fruit cake. I'll pass too but you're going to have to fight me for the mincemeat pie. I make one every year at Christmas and the looks of utter disgust on my family's faces fills me full of joy because that just means there's more for me.

If handing the stuff out makes the carolers go away, seems to me having an ample supply at home would be well worth the trouble.

Is figgy pudding the same thing as spotted dick?

So it's an ordinary rum-laced fruitcake with a fancier name, such as the British as so prone to bestow on things. I swear, they're incapable of being straightforward about anything.

Does it actually contain figs? Plum pudding has no plums after all. (Steaming a plum pudding for several hours was a good way to drive everyone else out of the house and wrap Christmas gifts in privacy.)

The article is wrong: figgy pudding is not the same as plum pudding! It's easy to tell them apart. Figgy pudding is not a pudding and contains no figs, whereas plum pudding is not a pudding and contains no plums.

If plum pudding contains no plums and figgy bars contains no figs, does this mean spotted dick doesn't contain a ---uh oh-- never mind.

It's made with figs - and bacon...

John Denver & The Muppets- We Wish You a Merry Christmas

The real problem is to distinguish them from mincemeat tarts, which contain no mincemeat and don't taste tart!

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