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December 31, 2019


Universal Pictures faces at least $70-million loss from ‘Cats’ debacle

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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I am shocked, I tell you, shocked that this bombed.

Take that, Cats!

"Cat Fights" to ensue at Universal next year.

Universal Pictures is going to need a bigger litter box.

They can cover part of the loss by making whoever green-lighted this movie pay for it.

Cats is only suitable for youth in Asia.

Jennifer Hudson is no Elaine Paige. If she had played the part of Grizabella I would have gone to see it. Studios need to realize some things don't need to be remade.

I guess they didn't get the message when I didn't ever see the stage show either.

Those responsible have been spayed/neutered.

This article may be right. I just looked to see if Cats is playing at my local movie theater. When I looked up the times the theater sent me a text message asking me what time I could be there.
I still think Sleeping With The Enemy was a good movie.

I'll wait for the 'remake'. Maybe Uncle Ted is available.

nursecindy, I would be willing to fly there to attend the movie with you, provided your theater serves beer. You buy the tickets and I'll buy the beer.
Or we could just sit in the parking lot drinking beer without seeing the movie.

In basketball terms, this was a hair ball

5* snork to Stixnstonz for the great comment!

Take THAT "Heaven's Gate"!!!!

Since Comca$t owns Universal I'm guessing it's the cable users who will pay for this FUBAR.

Felineous assault on the senses.

ImNotDave - That's probably why my Comcast bill just went up.

So far I've resisted the dare to see this film.

From the article: "The studio removed 'Cats' from the list of movies for which it will campaign for awards."

I'm guessing that worthy art doesn't require such a campaign.

The loss will be used to avoid paying taxes on any profit. Yeah, the movie smells like an unchanged litter box to you and me, but to accountants it is catnip

I saw cat's in 1981 when it premiered in Los Angles. I was 10 years old and even then I thought it was torture. It seemed to me that it's target audience is blind and deaf people.

Then someone decided it must be made into a movie. I'm personally offended, as the aftermath of that show left me with PTSD. Sometime when I'm walking down a street and I see a cat, I have flashbacks to the Pantages theater in Hollywood. To this day I hate cats, and it makes me feel bad because I like animals as a rule.

My advice is to gather all the prints of the film and throw them into Hawaii's Kilauea volcano. Though I don't wish to advocate violence it might be a good idea to throw the people responsible for this atrocity monstrosity to be thrown in as well. For the good of our species, and to protect future generations.

I would also suggest changing our constitution's 1st amendment in rearguards to free speech, to specifically outlaw any future production of this nightmare.

God save us all.

The benefit concert will include 20 artists, each performing its version of "Memory."

@Harpo Zeppo -"Other than that, how did you like the play, Mrs. Lincoln?"

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