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December 27, 2019


People like to freeze their hair in Canada

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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People are doing this on purpose?

Next they'll be putting gravy and cheese curds on french fries.

And we all know that nothing is better than freezing your brain cells for the winter.


One look at some of those people would be enough to cause a bigfoot to pee down it's leg and run away screaming.

I have worked for and with Canadians for almost 30 years. They are just not normal people. After all, look where they live.

We once had a customer send up photos of the snow drifts up to the eaves of her house in Edmonton. One of my guys asked her, "When the snow melts in June, do you find dead bodies?"

Her answer: "Yes."

The Ice Follycles

Swimming pool in the elementary school two blocks away. No time to dry hair before getting back to high school. Hair froze all winter. Our bangs were kinda like wind chimes. New York winters in the olden days.
Hope the geezer bus has heat.

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