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December 26, 2019


It'd take 693 years to resurface Lake Superior with a Zamboni, study says

(Thanks to Kevin Meershcaert and Ralph)


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If it was frozen over, and if there was a Zamboni capable of maneuvering through the sawgrass, and if the alligators, pythons and other miscellaneous animals would permit it, how long would it take to resurface the Everglades?

Did someone actually get paid to study this? What a waste when they could have been studying the worlds best beers or 25 ways to cook a squirrel. You know---something worthwhile.

Le Pet, it at least proves somebody out there can still do fifth-grade math.

Uh, "pasties"? Is the author from Canada or something? Or does he mean Zamboni driving in Stormy Daniels' new career?

@Rod Nunley, bite your tongue. Pasties (meat pies) are a staple in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

My question is: How far onto that ice could an octopus be thrown?

wanderer2575--My dad's parents came across the pond from Cornwall, England where the miners ate pasties underground for a hot lunch. I have been in a few mines where there still are three big nails driven into a cross timber where miners used a steel plate and a candle to heat their meat pie.
I loved them as a kid, but haven't even seen a Cornish pastie for years
When I got to high school,however, I much preferred Rod Nunleys type of pasties.

The octopus can only go on half way. After that it is exiting. I learned this about a dog running with something in it’s mouth on a frozen lake.

Or only 1 year, using 693 Zambonis!

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