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December 27, 2019


A new study shows dogs can process numbers

(Thanks to coscolo)


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If you don't believe a dog can count then put two cookies in your pocket and only give them one.
I read that comment years ago and I think it was from the late, great Lewis Grizzard but I could be wrong.

I'm not at all surprised. I can send one of my Border collies into a pen with 25 or 30 sheep and tell her, "Go get six." About 90% of the time she came out with six, occasionally seven.

I should point out that from her view point, she has to count the legs and divide by four.

1 dog treat + 1 dog treat = give me more dog treats.

My cat spends a lot of time doing quantum physics or plotting world domination, I'm never really sure which. But it's safer to keep her food bowl filled.

So THAT'S why most of the CPAs I know are so hairy.

I'm guessing that none of these 'guys' have ever seen the "dogs playing poker" paintings?

My cat can do arithmetic. I asked him what five minus five is, and he said nothing.

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