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December 31, 2019


Scientists Have Warned That We Absolutely Must Not Farm Octopuses

(Thanks to Rod Nunley)


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Detroit Red Wings are doing their part by absolutely sucking, so nobody is inclined to toss an octopus on the ice these days.

I always thought an octopus was 8 cats.

This is because the octopi are smart enough to escape and KILL us.

Rod Nunley is right. Give those octopuses enough growth hormones and there won't be a coastal city that won't turn into an octopus smorgasbord.

Didn't Octopus Farmers open for Men at Work in 1981? Heard it was a great show!

I had an octopus farm once, but whenever we tried to round them up the horses all drowned.

I'd rather be under the sea...

People eat octopuses? BLECH!

Cindy, it's essentially the same as squid (calamari), or even conch. A bit on the chewy side, but not all that bad, really.

Love calamari, yum!

I guess we are supposed to stick to free range octopi.

Octopus meat is sweeter than squid. Quite delicious. Not rubbery unless you overcook.

I think the plural is "octopussies".

Call it any fancy French name you please but it's still octopus. I feel the same way about Escargot. It's still a snail.

If farms are bad, are gardens OK? I think I have found my New Year’s Resolution: I will not farm octopus.

Happy New Year.

I read the article and it gave substantive reasons (chilling warnings, really) for not trying to farm octopus.

On a serious note, I think the 'demand' for food year round is unrealistic - there are seasons for food. Yes, we can go to the opposite hemisphere for supply, but look at how forests are being burned to satisfy the 'demand' and cash in. That kind of 'supply' is not worth it for me. I would rather eat a ripe strawberry in season that have one that is flown from across the world out of season.

/end soapbox

But can an octopus still garden? Somebody call Ringo.

Favorite octopus song-
"Eight ways to squeeze your lover."

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