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December 01, 2019


Florida high school introduces synthetic frogs for science class dissection

(Thanks to The Perts)


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I think they opened for Lynyrd Skynyrd at RedneckFest '09.

If you're not having your eyeballs damn near dissolved by the formaldehyde fumes, you ain't doin' science.

I still remember comparative anatomy in college, where you had to roll up your sleeve, reach into the 55-gallon drum full of formalin, and pull out your own cat for the semester's dissection. And every time you opened some new space of cavity during that dissection, the formaldehyde fumes would get you all over again.

No wonder we're so behind in science these days....

This is insane political correctness. The big dangers to frog populations are climate change, fungal disease, and habitat loss. Frogs bred for lab specimens are no different than chickens bred for the supermarket — they are mass-produced.

A single SynFrog™ costs $150. There is no way a high school science lab can afford one for each student, or even two or three.. Preserved real frogs are about $6 each, and formalin/formaldehyde is no longer used as a preservative. There are much safer alternatives available.

If you are going to take biology, be prepared to deal with actual animals. Squeamishness is not acceptable. Hard core vegetarians should opt out, not prevent others from getting a proper education. Harrumph.

I blame the Millennials. They’re killing everything.

A friend predicts vegan synthetic frog legs being served in uppity restaurants. At least this could save the terrible memories of all those poor frogs rolling around in their little wheelchairs.

Will we still be able to plunk Froggy's magic twanger ?

Le Pet, that most certainly would be a hanging offense in Texas. Probably even worse in Louisiana.

This groundbreaking science experiment is sponsored by Tofurkey.

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