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December 10, 2019


Michigan man sprayed brother’s hunting area with deer repellent, DNR says

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Where is the "hunting area" on his brother?

I will assume without looking that this occurred in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (aka "dah You Pee") as opposed to, say, central Detroit.

Turns out it was dah Ell Pee. My mistake. Still not Detroit, though.

This family's Christmas dinner should be exciting.

Trew got my question. Was it in the groinal area?

Spraying dear repellent on any man's private areas is a hanging offense in Texas.

Le Pet, "deAr repellent"? That changes the whole angle of this story.

I was thinking deer lease - never occurred to me that hunting area was a euphemism.

@MOTW - I use dear repellant to protect my virginity.

To really screw him over he should have sprayed deer attractant on his "hunting area."

Deer repellant...? Just about any commercially available underarm spray would qualify.

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