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December 04, 2019


Japanese man, 71, arrested for 'making 24,000 complaint calls'

(Thanks to Rod Nunley, Doug Ogg, Chris Elzi and Emily, Leslie and w)


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All of the complaints probably had to do with young punks who wouldn't stay off his lawn.

No, I'm guessing the complaints were to the Flathead County troopers and had to do with barking animals or suspicious-looking people.

wanderer2575--The barking cows are easy to understand, but we need clarification on how to recognize suspicious-looking people in Flathead County.

Le Pet, there are no suspicious-looking people in Flathead County, at least by local standards.

Old Japanese people are annoying and the auto-maker crazed younger generation should should come up with ideas to deal with with annoying pricks like this accordingly. Younger Japanese use the word prick to describe seniors and American car makers a lot.

One way to solve this would be to cut off his phone service. Obviously he isn't happy so I'm sure he'd be fine with this. Or they could make a law there where everybody over the age of 60 has to move to Florida. I think Jerry Seinfeld once mentioned this was a law here.

I'm assuming that Dave writes the headlines for these posts? If so, a tip o' the hat to him, as I found this one especially funny.

Hopefully Dave reads these comments and realizes how much people appreciate his maintaining this blog, and for all that he contributes to it day in, and day out.

This is what happens when the wrong person gets an 'unlimited talk & text' plan.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could get him interested in Comcast?

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