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December 06, 2019


Defense attorney apologizes for Anchorage dentist who pulled tooth while riding a hoverboard

(Thanks to Mark Buckley and Le Petomane)


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Lockhart was was also charged with numerous counts of slapping his patients in the back of the head telling them to, "spit" as they sat in the chair. Lockhart apologized saying, "I've always been know as heavy-handed."

This reminds me of the '70s SNL spoof of the car commercial, where they had a rabbi perform a circumcision while riding over a heavily potholed street. (The commercial they were lampooning was a Lincoln ad where a guy cut a diamond while on a bumpy road.)

Speaking of old commercials, for a while in the 1970's, Ford ran a commercial comparing one of their POS sedans to a Mercedes, claiming that no one could tell them apart. Buy the Ford and save money.

Mercedes responded with a commercial of their own. There was a spokesman on a stage. On one side of him was the Ford, on the other side was the Mercedes.

All he said was “If you can’t tell the difference between a Mercedes and a Ford, buy the Ford”

"A new standard of care."


When drones do tooth extractions, this is what it will feel like.

Sentence should include Cranford getting circumcised by a doctor on a hover board.

Just how antiquated is that dentist's office? I haven't been allowed to 'spit' for decades let alone 'rinse.'

After reading about the other mistakes he's made I think pulling a tooth while on a hoverboard is the least of his problems. coscolo, I wondered about that too.

I half-expected the dentist's name to be McFly.

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