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December 05, 2019


Sex-mad Dave the duck had penis removed after trying to mate 10 times a day

(Thanks to pharmaross and Dave N)


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“Dave” is in trouble now. That’s harsh.

We can hope the doctor that performed this surgery wasn't a quack.

Also this reminded me of an old scouting joke.

Q--Which side of a duck has the most feathers?

A--The outside.

Good one Le Petomane! I have a feeling that Dora, Freda and Edith are also relieved that Randy Dave is no longer intact.

Most birds have given up on the penis thing, as has at least one Olympic decathlon winner.


Send Bmp4 to Washington

So now he's gander fluid ...?

Sorry for the length (he said), but Dr. Lester Griel told this apropos joke in a lecture at Penn State:

Lonely male hawk in the deep forest, spies a very pretty lark flying into a pine grove. The hawk followed, the branches shook, feathers fell, and out flew our lark saying "I'm a lark, and I've been sparked".

Weeks later, lonely hawk spies a lady dove headed into the same pine grove--he follows. The branches shook, feathers fell, and out flies our dove cooing "I'm a dove, and I've been loved."

Months go by, and hawk sees a duck flying into the pine trees, he quickly followed. The branches shook, feathers fell, and out flew the duck squawking "I'm a drake, and there's been a mistake!!!"

I have to agree, pretty harsh punishment for poor Dave.

Good one Michael!

There once was a Mallard named Dave,
Who just couldn't seem to behave.
When he saw a girl duck,
He just had to (Note: The remainder of this comment has been CENSORED for our younger readers)

Sex-mad Dave WBAGNFARB.

Haven't we all been there?

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