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December 30, 2019


The director of tourism for the Indian River County Chamber of Commerce was arrested early Sunday morning after officers said she punched an officer  and caused a disturbance at a Vero Beach IHOP.

Imagine the welcome an actual tourist would receive.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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This is what Florida Man does, right? She was just demonstrating for tourists the kinds of sights they will be seeing.

Visit Indian River County, but DON'T mess with them.

Hey, it was 3:00 a.m. Chuck E. Cheese was closed.

She was trying to promote holding a fight night in Indian River County. Unfortunately, she chose IHOP for a demonstration rather than the more likely sites such as Chuck E. Cheese or Waffle House.

I have a feeling that alcohol, or other illegal substances, were involved.

Now she's more effective at promoting tourism in the neighboring counties.

Cindy, that was my immediate thought too. I'm just surprised her "friends" didn't drive away after dropping her off.

With friends like that....
On a positive note, she probably hired a lawyer from the local Chamber

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