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December 03, 2019


Josh Brolin burns his ‘pucker hole’ while ‘perineum sunning’

(Thanks to Doug Ogg)


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The world is becoming a sad place when you can't trust a health influencer by the name of Ra of Earth. I have two words that may help ease Josh Brolin's pain. Donut cushion.

I can't help but think he very likely exceeded the 30-second recommendation by quite a bit.

Wasn't Josh the front man for Pesky First Degree Prostate Burn? I recall Joe Theismann was the drummer.


nursecindy, I agree. Although anyone who uses the word "butthole" while dispensing advice on health and wellness does tend to distinguish him/herself as an authority.

If this is how Mr. Brolin celebrates his 5th anniversary of sobriety, just how dumb was he when drinking heavily?

"Officer, please excuse my speeding, but Ra of Earth kissed my butt plumb raw and I was in a hurry to get out of there. Believe me, that's no country for old men."

Perineum, the spot formerly known as "where the sun don't shine."

Well CO2 didn't do that . So now we know there is at least 1 A-hole in hollywood that understands that the sun is the main driver of global (and local)warming.

Once more solid proof that I WILL NEVER be a part of the "hip crowd" so give me my rocking chair and get off my lawn.

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