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December 29, 2019


Peeing at night could cost the United States' economy billions

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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France is on high Nocturia alert.

As much as I have to go as I get older, I'm probably responsible for a million $ by myself.

The RAND Corporation? Isn't this the same outfit that in 1954 predicted what a home computer would look like in 2004?

It was ‘peeer reviewed’.

This puts a different view on climbing the corporate bladder.

Buy one of those wearable, pee watered, garden vests. Then you can sleep standing up and tell yourself that you are saving the planet.

Which corporation will be the first to require employees to wear adult diapers when they sleep?

According to my extensive research, for which I'm hoping to get a government grant:

Take your age
Divide by ten
Roundup to the next whole number
The result is your average number of pee trips per night.
(NOTE: this only applies to men)

How much is it costing the US economy for RAND to monitor my micturations?

Stop reading Field and Stream before you turn in.

I have to read this blog in the afternoon to mitigate the effects of those overnight bathroom trips.

JerrySTL, pretty sure I'm ahead of you by a lot.

Sorry, I'm on diuretics for hypertension. I take 1 or 2 trips a night; can't be helped. I was getting the post-lunch drowsies pretty bad, so now I don't eat lunch anymore, and my afternoons are productive.

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