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December 29, 2019


You need this shirt:


(Thanks to Rudolph)


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That shirt is just corny.

As far as I know we've only had two presidential candidates visit us here in North Carolina. One of them was former NY mayor Bloomberg. I can't remember who the other one was. I like living in a state that no one cares about!

Does this mean Des Moines is now as much a fashion center as Paris?

Rod -- It always has been. The conspiracy is that outsiders never see the true Des Moines.

I also note that 6XL sizes are available for reporters.

Not bad,actually! I need this https://anenglishessay.com for my campaign!

I have thought so many times of entering the blogging world as I love reading them. I think I finally have the courage to give it a try. Thank you so much for all of the ideas!

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