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December 08, 2019


Someone ate the $120,000 banana at Art Basel. Some quick thinking saved the day

Key Quote: “He did not destroy the art work. The banana is the idea.”

(Thanks to Ralph, pharmaross, Rick Day and Emily, Leslie and w)


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I seriously doubt this banana has been photographed more than the Mona Lisa. The reason people are coming to see this is because they can't believe anyone would be dumb enough to call this art.

Or because they're hungry, apparently.

I would suggest they duct tape "performance artist" David Datuna to the wall instead.

When making art is fruitless.


I would suggest they duct tape "performance artist" David Datuna to the wall instead.

To which "performance artist" David Datuna would likely say, "Been there. Done that.".

See the banana. Be the banana.

Banana art has a certain appeal.

Stunned witnesses said, "He just grabbed that banana and split."

I hope it was a good banana. Some of this modern art is hard to swallow.

Which Minion did it?

It wasn’t just “someone”. It was an ARTIST.

Shoulda named it Bananarama.

I will, at a great personal sacrifice, sell a banana, a roll of duct tape, and a certificate of authenticity I printed and signed myself to anyone who wants to buy it. My asking price is only $20,000 What a deal! That’s $100,000 off the normal price! At that price, you can buy multiple bananas. Take the whole bunch! We’ve got more! Wait, if everyone buys one, what the price go down? I had better rethink this deal.

Thus demonstrating the concept of sttsy-fartsy.

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