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December 04, 2019


Jacksonville driver charged with DWI, accused of throwing urine-soaked socks at officer

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Police officers in Florida should be paid a lot more. If I'd been that officer I would have picked up the socks and then rubbed the throwers nose in them.

Was he drunk enough to think the intake officer was his house elf?

I can see him being employed as Level 3 Tech Support ace with a major outsourcing employer.
Writer's embellishment: Many years ago when outsourcing was in it's infancy, I got a guy on the phone who I am sure looked strikingly similar to Mr. Khanh. At some point I asked, "what is your name?" Mr. Khanh's look-a-like replied, "John Wayne." Remember how John spoke through his nose in a distinguishable adenoidal tone? Like that.

^5 nursecindy

Ralph, did he call him "Dobby" when he threw the socks?

nursecindy--You are a kind and caring nurse. I have known some who would have placed the urine soaked socks in a freezer overnight and returned them to the tosser the next morning by whacking them over his head.

Actually, this was in Arkansas and Jacksonville is northeast of Little Rock.

The similarities to Florida are striking. Perhaps Florida is rubbing off on other states.

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