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November 21, 2019


A Japanese hotel offers a room that costs only $1 per night, but there's a catch -- the guest's entire stay is livestreamed on YouTube.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan, who says "If they like snoring...")


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Yeah when I put on my PJs that hotel will pay me $100 to leave.

The constantly piped in song lyrics to 'Someone To Watch Over Me' could could bother some guests.

At least in that hotel the guests know they're being filmed.

Heck, I'd rent such a room. They won't make any money off me, because I'll be far too boring for the instant gratification generation to stay tuned for more than about 10 seconds.

If I did that I would make them pay extra for that service.

Do they have the Norman Bates room?

" Hello, everyone. My new show is called " My Fat Hairy Bottom ". I hope you enjoy it. "

If I were staying in that room,people would demand refunds from YouTube, even though their service was free.

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