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November 25, 2019


Check your exhaust pipes for condoms, Moorhead woman says

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Whatever happened to just shoving a potato up there?

Considering this week's forecast there calls for snow and highs in the teens, I have a feeling this prank may end very soon. It's hard to put a condom on a tailpipe when you're wearing mittens. Or so I've heard.

The Psychiatric Association will have to recognize a new malady - Tesla Owner's Tailpipe Envoy (TOTE); that feeling of inadequacy when there is no place to put the condom.

Clearly he was doing his part to protect the environment. Always use protection.

Some friends who used to work with me in mental hospitals inform me several patients are already claiming disability caused by TOTE.

Tesla is thinking of adding a decorative tailpipe to stop these suits and advertise Tesla owners will, on occasion, expect to to receive a free potato.

Will my insurance company give me a "Safe Driver Discount"?

A condom on a Tesla wouldn't work anyway. Because if you own a Tesla, you've already been screwed.

Hey - we don’t want to start making cars without car companies getting their money.

We would place bubble-wrap around the tires of new coworkers cars in the underground employee parking area. (this was pre 911)

I won’t be needing the condoms, because I can’t even get a piece of tailpipe.

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