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November 08, 2019


Drunk Man Falls On Tracks Of Oncoming Train, Gets Helped Up With 0 Seconds Left

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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No wonder the Raiders are leaving Oakland. Their fan base is self-shrinking. Or at least attempting to be.

Somewhat related story: The first season original Twilight Zone episode "The Hitch-Hiker" was about a woman driving cross country who keeps passing the same hitchhiker during her travel after she experiences a tire blowout (the capper is that she actually was killed when her car overturned from the blowout, and the hitchhiker is Death waiting for her to realize she has been dead all along). The climactic end of the first act had her stopped at a rural railroad crossing, with an oncoming train, but when she suddenly sees the hitchhiker standing there goes through the warning lights -- only to have her car stall on the tracks. She desperately tries to get her car started again, and is able to finally do so and move back at the last second. Now, some backstory: Unable to rent a train for the scene, the crew set up at a railroad crossing to film a regular train coming through. At first they planned to put the camera right on the tracks to get a head-on shot and then pull the camera off at the last second, but while they were setting up it happened that another train went through in the opposite direction. Having seen just how fast that train went, the director thought twice and set up the camera beside the track.

I once saw a show where a man gets pushed onto a subway track in front of an oncoming train. He flattened out and the train passed over him without harm. he gets up, dusts himself off and steps onto another track just to get flattened by another train coming from the other direction.
Some people have all the luck, but sometimes it's all bad luck.

I'd like a title list for all the books wanderer2575 has written. What a description! I want to see that Twilight Zone episode...it sounds like a good one.

I would comment on this story but I've got to order the Chewbacca Christmas lights they're advertising on that page before they're all gone!

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