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November 12, 2019


Special South African gin is infused with elephant dung

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Imagine how bad the original would taste if this is considered an improvement.

"Gin was mother's milk to her."

It seems like someone named Dave wrote an article a few years ago about them trying the same thing with coffee beans. I didn't drink that and I'm not drinking this either.

It’s an acquired taste

Overheard in a South African bar:

"To be perfectly honest, my dear, this new gin tastes like crap."

After a few shots, you don't care.

Yet another reason not to drink gin. Smells like cheap perfume, made from elephant dung.

" They described the gin’s flavor as “lovely, wooded, almost spicy, earthy”

A good many items in the cafeteria at my Junior High might have been described that way.

Here you go, nursecindy:
Luwak coffee, aka weasel doodoo Decaf Poopacino

Thank you MOTW. That's one of my favorite articles.

MOTW -- Since you brought up coffee '

This would be a good alcohol to have while watching "24" and imbibing when there's a "perimiter" formed.

How it got in my pajamas I'll never know.

Somehow I felt a pressing need to make a comment...
perhaps it has something to do with my pseudonym.

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