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November 07, 2019


A third of California methane traced to a few super-emitters

(Thanks to Rick Stevenson, who says “You know who you are.”)


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It's from all the celebrities lecturing us about global warming.

Even as we speak they're all jumping into their little electric cars so they can fix the problem. If their cars aren't charged enough they can just take one of their private jets.

Looking at the map is kind of fun to those of us steeped in geodata. The points are identified by company. Mostly power plants, waste treatment facilities, and TMZ camera crews

California mob boss:

"I send you guys out to cook up a little meth and now I find out you don't know the difference between meth and methane. Guido, teach these guys some basic chemistry."

The " Pull My finger " State.

NASA scientists are helping California create a detailed, statewide inventory of methane point sources

The Taco Bell locator app will take of that for you.

A 5* snork to wanderer 2575!

I saw the Super Emitters open for Aerosmith.

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