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November 27, 2019



(Thanks to John Gregg)


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What happens if you throw a metal ball at it?

So if not aimed directly into eyes, droplets of water and ice crystals would reflect light in all directions. My futures so bright I have to wear shades. Either that or the accumulation of leaves on my roof gets ignited by the laser and burns the house down. Burning down the house, that sounds familiar.

Movie Plot: (copyrite) A middle eastern hacker hacks into the driverless car cloud and takes over all cars with lasers and turns them into 100 million killer cars. But a rogue Jack Bauer shoots 20 people in the thigh, calls for a perimeter, and saves the day. (with Cloey's help of course...because Edgar is dead...sniff...)

Why would a self-driving car even need a windshield, much less wipers?

If you could pivot those lasers around and use them for weapons, now we're talking! The name is Bond....

An engineer friend who works at Los Alamos tells me that it's Elon Musk's experiments using plutonium enhanced lasers to not only clean the windshield, but also double as being able to destroy incoming metal balls that we need to worry about.

Does this mean that Tesla cars will be covered in romping cats?

What about the "frigging sharks"? Will they want to willingly give up their lasers?

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