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November 07, 2019


Startup insurance provider Lemonade is trying to make the best of a sour situation after T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom claimed it owns the exclusive rights to the color magenta. 

(Thanks to Dave N., who says “We should start grabbing up the other colors before they're gone.”) 


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China seems to lead the world in the "Bugs in strange places" category.

Wow, I put that comment on the wrong post. Must have been distracted by the constant itching in my ear.

Paging George Foreman.

I got blue!

I claim "ecru!" Any time someone uses a color, my lawyers will claim: "Hey, mofo! That's our client's ecru!" Apparently, the color "ecru" can be defined as "whatever."

Wait a minute. Since color is just reflected light of a particular wavelength, then wouldn't God hold the rights? Should make for an interesting deposition once the lawyers get involved.

*Shines flashlight into OldPhil's ear*
No fair Meyerson! I was going to call dibs on the color blue. I guess I'll take yellow instead.

But no one can claim black since it's the absence of color, right?
I guess that applies to the 50 shades of grey too?

I want to claim the 42nd shade of grey, and all of the color gray.

they can have puce

i claim violet and aquamarine

I claim medium tundra.

I claim plaid! ALL COLORS!

Send the violators to prism.

I call dibs on 'burnt umber'. Take THAT, Crayola!

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