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November 27, 2019


This Nazi sub was sunk when its captain took a dump

(Thanks to Peter Roman)


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Karl-Adolf Schlitt?

Shouldn't that be a Name We Are Not Making Fun Of?

Hence the tv show, "Schitt's Creek". Yes, it's real.

I can see that happening many times in history. Thermopylae was going OK for the Greeks until Leonidas had to take a leak.

And no one ever had this problem again until the invention of low-flush toilets.

The German McHale's Navy.

Schlitt happens.

Yes, the Germain's love their machines to be complex. Examples besides this; tanks that could not be serviced in the field and my favorite,and more recent, computer printers that would be overly complex - if any other printer produced anywhere else required 2 gears to perform a function then the German equivalent would use five.


Das Poop.

On the plus side, at least it didn’t have laser windshield wipers.

That must have been eine grosse poopendroppen.

If it's brown, flush it down... to the bottom of the ocean.

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