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November 26, 2019


Police called after Roomba vacuum sucks up dog in Ballwin

(Thanks to Mark Schleisnger and Kim Michel)


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Let it try that with a pit bull and see what happens.

My cats messed with my Roomba and it now keeps trying to tell me something but it now speaks French (I think) and I don't understand what it wants.

Our Shih Tzu takes the high ground when we release our vacuum master

Who the hell calls the police because your dog's tail is stuck in a vacuum cleaner? My good Lord. I'm surprised they showed up. I called the police when I had a rattle snake in my house and they said deal with it.

I think the main reason the police came was because the woman claimed her dog was being detailed by her Roomba and they wanted to see this.

Linda Schutjer the police would have come if I'd called about a rattlesnake in my house. But only to figure out why they were hearing gunshots in the background.

There needs to be a 3 Laws of Robotics that involve dogs.

This would violate the First Law.

" When officers arrived they could hear a dog yelping, a woman screaming and a newborn baby crying..."

The TV was tuned into the Congressional heatings, and no one was home.

I thought for sure this was going to be a dog-humping story.

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