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November 07, 2019


Avondale dad driving drunk with toddler in car had 24 open containers, police say

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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He "drank a beer" earlier in the day? Who is he kidding? Surely, nursecindy has schooled him that the correct answer to "have you been drinking?" is always "two beers"?

Doesn't everybody drink 24 at a time?

No doubt headed to one of our convenient drive-thru Daiquiri establishments in New Orleans. A Louisiana driver's license is on the way.

I have a feeling when he gets home all of his stuff is going to be in his front yard. On fire! At least that's what I would do if he drove drunk with my child in the car.

But he himself drank two, Ociffer.

After working in the addictions unit of a state mental hospital, I can guess what some excuses would be. nursecindy is spot on about the two beer defense,it never works and neither would any of these.

"I was bein' a good neighbor an' was haulin' all his empties to a dumpster."

"My wife drives this car all the time".

"I was being a good sammy--uh--somethin' an gave this dude a ride. He pulled a gub and me drink all those beers."

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