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November 08, 2019


Florida man groped Disney World princess as his wife sat next to him: cops

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Apparently that's frowned upon now. Who knew?

There's a tactical lesson to be learned. "Your my favorite," then proceed directly to *cup and 'lift*. He looks so disappointed after visiting the happiest place on earth and touching his favorite.

Here's a test: Before you look at the article, try to guess WHICH Disney princess. I don't have a daughter, so I am not fully educated on this, but the most tempting choices I can think of are:
Cinderella (classic gold-digger)
Snow White (lives with 7 dudes)
Ariel (no pants, seashell bra -- just sayin')
Pocahontas (into leather)
Belle (most of those books she reads are of the '50 Shades' variety, I'm thinkin')
Hmmmm... does Maleficent qualify as a "princess"? Love them bad girls.

"But the affidavit did note that the incident took place at the “grotto” — a meet-and-greet location for Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”
I KNEW it! Some guys just can't pass up the redheads.

I think the guy describing the perv's actions was getting a wee bit too excited himself. Time for that cold shower, Mr. Post Reporter.

Women need to bring back the old technique of slapping the #$%$#$ out of pervish men. Then call the cops. NurseCindy would be a good instructor I bet.

The perv told the cops that he was simply trying to keep abreast of the situation.

He would never have tried that with Princess Nuttwister.

Disney could hire him as the 8th dwarf, Gropey.

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