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November 16, 2019


Remember the Big Mouth Billy Bass singing fish that was so popular back in the 90s? Well, a bar in Chicago now has more than 70 of them hanging on a wall singing popular songs in unison.

(Thanks to pharmaross, Ralph and Not My Usual Alias)


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Thisis AWESOME!!

I've had nightmares about things like this.

I'll be impressed when they can do "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" and "Bohemian Rhapsody".

Can they do the choral backup to "Copacabana"?

Truly this is the seventh level of Hell.


I think this would be a good bar to keep your bass out of.

All your bass are belong to us.

Such awesomeness! Be still my beating heart!

That's IT !!!
I'm heading for Chicago!

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