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November 24, 2019


Some of the Rock Bottom Remainders performed Saturday night at the Miami Book Fair, and to say we rocked the house would be a grammatically complete sentence. Shown from left in the photo below (thanks to Lisa Napoli) are Sam Barry on keyboard; Leonard Pitts, Alan Zweibel and Scott Turow on silent backup vocals near a microphone; Josh Kelly on drums; Greg Iles on lead guitar; Carl Hiaasen on hiding-behind-the-other-guitarists guitar; Ridley Pearson on bass; Erasmo Paolo on saxophone and leaping around energetically; and me on non-lead guitar. Not shown, but lurking somewhere in the background, is Tim Dorsey on cowbell. Some of us are wearing T-shirts for an imaginary band called "Carl and the Catheters," featuring a photo of Carl Hiaasen; the entire purpose of these T-shirts was to embarrass Carl, and they succeeded.



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Where can we order Carl and the Catheters (tm thingie) officially licensed socks, t-shirts and unmentionables?

I love the Remainders only secondly to the Beatles (they were also a rock band.) I cherish the memory of the 5 pm show in Boston many years ago. (5 pm because we are all old and had to go home to pay the babysitter.)

I want a Carl and the Catheters t-shirt too! Y'all look wonderful. I just wish I'd quit getting Greg Iles and Roger McGuinn mixed up.

Carl must be having bladder issues.

There are enough of you on stage to hold a silent worldwide We Are The World Farm Aid Combo Write-Off event.

Sign me up for a “Carl and the Catheters” shirt!

(Please let Carl know I am willing to pay extra if there’s a picture of Skink on the back.)

I saw most of your videos. Nice to see that you guys are still playing.

I'm a wild thing wanting a T-shirt also!

I have "Stranger Than Fiction" which is currently notable for its female-protagonist version of 'Baby, It's Cold Outside'. 20 years on, still a winner!

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