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November 22, 2019


Tesla claimed its pickup truck was ‘bulletproof’ — then smashed its windows with a metal ball

That truck can probably deflect bullets with sheer ugliness.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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And on the same day his latest rocket ship test blew up. Quite the daily double for ol' Elon.

"For some weird reason, it broke now," Musk said, drawing laughs. "I don’t know why. We will fix it in post."

For good mileage, he can use the same line after the autopilot inevitably fails. I'd feel safer driving a '71 Pinto than one of his vehicles.

Here I thought there'd never be a truck uglier than an El Camino.

Mad Max had a classier ride.

I wonder if Elon said "Hold my beer while I do this.." It would explain a lot.

It's amazing they think "bulletproof" means "the bullets bounce off." No, that's not how it works.

If I strike it rich somehow, I'd get one. My commute to the train is a bit rough.

I assume the Director of Windows is job hunting today.

He said bullet proof, not metal ball proof.



That thing is no truck. It looks like it could be a Zombie DeLorean after it crashed it's way out of a crypt.

Where's the cargo bed?

The cargo bed is there (the bed is 6.5 feet in length) The bed of the Tesla Cybertruck, Tesla calls this the vault, has raised sides like the Honda Ridgeline. There is an automatic roller top, metal, that can be opened to reveal the cargo area.

I'd like to see a front-end loader drop a scoop full of ball bearings on that thing. A GMC ad could do a damage comparison, afterward.

But can it plow snow?

There is probably not a lot the Cybertruck (CT) can't do except fit in my garage (the CT as shown is ~20 feet in length.)

No plow attachment shown but no doubt Mr. Plow will love CT.

The CT, in full trim, can travel up to 500 miles and tow up to 14,000 lbs. Seats up to 6; comes with fully adjustable air suspension, air supply for air powered tools; AC power outlets for 110V and 220V.

There is also a CT pop-up camper concept option. Two passenger (electric) ATV will be available, can be driven up ramp and carried in the CT bed with the roller top open.

Tomorrow's headline:
"Ex-Design lead Franz Von Holzhausen..."

The local news said that Tesla has received 150,000 $100 pre-order deposits in the last day.

The self-driving option, which isn't yet available (or legal to use) will cost an additional $7000, plus about $75 per month.

I read they had received $8 BILLION dollars of pre-order reservations in the first day. Sure it looks weird but the specs are amazing. Hummers could really strange when we first saw them on the street. If half these orders pan out, we are going to get real used to seeing these things. https://electrek.co/2019/11/23/tesla-cybertruck-pre-orders/

So, technically I'm bulletproof. If you lob the bullets gently enough.

That truck can probably deflect bullets with sheer ugliness.

The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena has struck again, I'd wager. The ugliest vehicles that have "graced" American roads over the past 25-30 years came from the brilliant minds of Art Center grads. Remember the Pontiac Aztek? Yeah, that was just one of them.

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