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November 20, 2019


Scientists develop slippery toilet coating to stop poo sticking

(Thanks to many people)


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7-17-27-37-47. Your faecal matter will soon slid off your toilet bowl with ease.

Maybe this will also solve the big snake and frog problem!!

Just announced: Tenacious Faeces will open for Jack Black.

And is there something a bit disturbing about there being a "South African recipe for synthetic faeces"? What's going on down there that somebody actually wants to manufacture that? Don't they have an adequate supply of the real thing?

THIS changes everything !

Slip slidin' away
slip slidin' away
watchin' poo slip slidin' away
not much else to do
but watch poo
go slip slidin' away

Pooh will appreciate this I'm sure.

I live with cavemen.

I. Must. Have. One. Of. These.

But it can't be tested because the
Lab Tech keeps falling off the toilet.

All I want to know is, are these guys getting funded by the research hour? How hard could this have been to test? I mean, he's got a team! They needed to manufacture fake poo, and then find three "anonymous donors"? WHY? This could have been tested in any given American rest stop in under an hour.

And also, is there a recipe for synthepoo on Pinterest? I bet there is!

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