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November 06, 2019


Beard Lights Are A Real Trend This Christmas

(Thanks to Suzie Q Wacvet)


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Got someone some beard ornaments a few years ago. Perhaps this is an extension of that ‘trend’.

I saw that a couple of weeks ago. Funny

No. Just no.

Psst Dave. It's SuZie Q Wacvet. As the co-administrator with her on the Dave Barry Fans FB page (motto: Join us won't you?) I'll hear about this all day now.
As for the beard lights, that's a big no from me too.

It's a natural extension of No Shave November

And yet, food crumbs are still frowned upon.

Might be useful for mechanics who have to see in tight spaces.

I had a cousin who once used Christmas tree lights to decorate his ZZ Top beard. He spilled beer on it causing a short that set it on fire. After the fire department and 911 responders left, we all agreed this was the most fun Christmas party ever.

I like the hair lights idea, but not at that price.

Beard lights, no.

Finally, the truth surrounding the Rip Van Winkler fable.

There will be festive groins everywhere.

Be ready to hear "open the package under my tree" comments over the holidays.

Thank you, nursecindy. I promise not to say anything about DAVE MISSPELLING MY NAME on the froup.

So we've stopped using candles?

Le Pet, that sounds suspiciously like a Robert Earl Keen song.

It is real Beard light
Beard light

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