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November 22, 2019


Talk about going above and beyond.

(Thanks to pharmaross and Stan Ruth)


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So you have a condition that keeps you from peeing, meaning you really should seek immediate medical attention, but instead you get on one of the longest flights in the world?

Bravo! Someone needs to tell the doctor that gravity works in situations like that too. He had the catheter already. All he had to do was connect some tubing and put it below the level of the bladder and voila! The urine would have flowed out unless there was an obstruction and it doesn't sound like there was. On the other hand, urine is sterile so it wouldn't hurt the doctor. On the other other hand, YUCK!

That should have a "No one click here" warning.


Yuck is right, Cindy.

There is an old joke about two guys camping out. One goes to pee and a rattlesnake bites him on his penis. He comes running back to his friend who calls 911 and tells them what happened. His friend is told he needs to suck the venom out.
The guy nods sadly, and closes his phone.
"What did the doctor say?" The stricken man asks.
His friend just shakes his head sadly.
"The doc says you're gonna die."

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