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November 09, 2019


Woman's sex toy sparks terror alert at Vienna concert hall when her handbag starts vibrating after she handed it in to the cloakroom

(Thanks Emily, Leslie and w)


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The provided stock image of a handbag on its side reaffirms the common sense idea of, DO NOT mess with them.

"Don't leave home with out it."

Vibrating Woman's Handbag opened for Tull.

I would swear I saw the Sex Toy Terrorists open for The Sex Pistols. The Ramones were there too.

Reminds me of the time I walked into the stockroom and was startled by a box high up on a shelf. It was filled with defective Furbies due to be salvaged, and they were all talking to each other. At least sex toys don't do that.

The lady with the vibrating sex toy purse must be a local. Most tourists leave lots of room in their purse to stock op on some of those tasty little sausages they make in Vienna.

It's not over until the fat lady screams.

Guys, "vibrating sex toy" and "fat lady screams" should NEVER be in the same thread. o.O

I said I didn’t want to miss tonight’s VIBRATO.

Was this the same woman at the Tom Hiddleston on Broadway show?

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