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November 27, 2019


2 Women Brawl At New Jersey ShopRite Over Accusations Of Too Many Items In Express Checkout Lane


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I think we need official rulings on the following.

1. Does a six-pack count as six items or just one?

2. Does a leg bite justify a thigh shot in return?

1. A six-pack is one item if there is one price for the pack.
2. Yes.

I hate people who think it is OK to use the 10 Items or Less Express Line with a full wagon, though I have not started any brawls. Yet.

@Rod Nunley: Jeff MacNelly once drew a wonderful Shoe cartoon about your question #1. I wish I could find it online. Anyway, Shoe is in the checkout line and the woman behind him is yelling at him because he has one too many items. She wasn't accepting that a six-pack counts as one item, so Shoe pulls a can from the pack, cracks it open, guzzles it down, and tosses the empty can at her.

I think Roberts Rules apply here.

Wanderer, that was yet another great old strip of a sort that just doesn't exist any more. Some of these millennials are so damn humorless, and don't read newspapers, I sometimes wonder if comic strips are still out there.

I do have a number of Calvin and Hobbes books in the bookcase....

Not sure who did it, but my local supermarket used to have a great cartoon on one of the checkout lines. It says "Express Line - 10 Items" and a person is unloading a full cart full of groceries. The checker asks her, "Would you like me to enroll you in our remedial reading program?"

@Rod and wanderer

Tumbleweeds and Walt Kelly's Pogo, in honor of which I use this name.

There was a sign for an express lane at a grocery store near a university.
It read: "For those of you with more than 10 items - are you a math major who can't read or an english major who can't count?"

@Rod and pogo: Frazz by Jef Mallett is another good one. Both funny and insightful, similar to Calvin and Hobbes. Frazz's appearance bears similarity to Calvin's, and some conspiracy theorists think "Jef Mallett" is just a pseudonym used by Bill Watterson, with Frazz meant to be a grown-up Calvin.

JAG: Or a business major who thinks the rules don't apply to themselves?

I was an English major. I count!

Don't round off or even mess with their count.

Then there's the people who pay for $8.11 worth of groceries in the speed line with a check....

Welcome to the garden state!

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