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November 13, 2019


A Florida Man pulled over Sunday night for driving recklessly told police that he “needed to get home in a hurry because he was cheating on his wife,”

(Thanks to Rod Nunley, Jeff Meyerson and Fred Preller)

Possibly Related: Florida woman accused of setting boyfriend's home on fire after catching him cheating

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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As I said when I sent this in yesterday:

You are free to go and drive like the wind.

An extramarital assignation same as a date with Destiny.

Now that the wife knows, he'll seek the protection of a jail cell.

Evidently missed the " Slow...Assignation Zone " sign.

You have to give some credit to the woman who burned down her boyfriend's house. At least he wasn't in the house and she really looks sorry in her photo.
As for the other guy, he might be better off staying in jail for a while.

So, the second guy clearly didn't drive home fast enough.

Florida woman bummed gasoline from neighbors to burn down her cheating boyfriend's house. She likely wasn't exactly sober at the time and gave boyfriend a new meaning to the old saying, "hell hath no fury like a woman scorched."

Goin’ 90 but I ain’t scary
‘Cause I been with Good Time Mary
Smokin’ crack and invisible to the law.

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