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November 28, 2019


Motorcyclist Checks Out Ladies On Street Corner, Crashes Into Car In Front Of Him

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Come on. Which of us hasn't done this at least once?

Anyone? Bueller?

Get you motor runnin',

head out for a collision

lookin' for a woman

born to be crippled

I feel his pain. A few years ago I was walking through a store when I saw this really great looking guy stocking shelves. He gave me a little smile, I smiled back, and then I walked face first into a column in the middle of the store. I had a black eye the next day.

Photos, Cindy, we need the photos.

I wanna see the Allstate Mayhem Guy do a commercial with this.

Nurse Cindy: Many years ago, I was about to see my girlfriend who was on vacation in Cape Cod. The day before, I went for a bike ride and saw a vision in spandex jogging down the path. My inattention caused a slow motion crash in which I fell on my side. Trip canceled, badly bruised hip that hurt hurt.

This is one of the risks of living in a college town. You really have to train yourself in order to avoid accidents. I'm guessing that such distractions don't typically hold up as an excuse in traffic court.

Nursecindy - was that the first time you tried posting?

Yes it was JG and it was painful.

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