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November 15, 2019



(Thanks to Rod Nunley)


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"wanting to have sex with another woman"

Guys, I think we can all agree this has never happened, right?

Also, were they at a nude bar, or did she use the knife to make him take his pants off? So many questions.

Gomez was arrested and hit with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Her teeth.

Darn, man tom beat me to that one.

Personally, if my date starts poking me with a knife, I’m going to leave before things come to a head.

Jailhouse nickname: “Jaws”

" Love means never having to say you're sore. "

Definitely Pulitzer material; this story has it all.

Woman, Man or none of the above
Weaponry (a knife)

For extra credit I suggest a high speed vehicle chase ending at a fast food establishment

Does she still have something in her mouth?

Marc--On your Florida story we could add some Hiaasen material including:
- an incompetent thief turning himself into a french fry trying to charge a stolen Tesla using electricity from a welder.
A sheriff officer giving his ex-wife's new husband, a dermatologist, an enema using a vacuum cleaner.
-A lady who shaves her private parts while stopped in traffic to distract other drivers and cause an accident to collect insurance money..

Yup, Florida is just one big story waiting to be told.
Maybe we can say the same about Flathead County,

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