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November 13, 2019


Ankle scarves.

(Thanks to Christina Robertson)


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Sure, OK. Either that or, you know, socks.

I have never.

This can only lead to the return of leg warmers.

I have an idea for elbow hats.

I'm a knitter. I'll knit anything, anytime, anywhere however! I do have some dignity left so no way would I knit these even though it looks like they're a simple garter stitch pattern. On the other hand, Christmas is just around the corner.

Eventually, somebody will sew a couple of these together to make them work better. They'll try to market them as "ankle sweaters" or something like that. Their parents will tell them they already have the name "socks".

Are there scarfs for other appendages...? Asking for a friend.

The sock people are furious!

As a matter of fact there are Clankie and yes, I have knitted one as a joke. A friend gave it to her husband for Christmas.

overheard at Christmas from nursecindy's young niece
"Gosh .. um .. thanks, Auntie Cindy. These will look great on my teddy bears," wonders what she did to invite her Aunt's wrath.

I don't know about the ankle scarves but I definitely want the Christmas Vacation ceramic village set.

Perfect for winter slush.

Gaiters are far more practical if you actually need winter ankle protection.

Or we can bring back spats.

I complained because I had no shoes until I met someone wearing ankle scarves. There but for the grace of God and good sense go I.

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