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November 26, 2019


Greensboro Man Creates Dating App Where He's The Only Guy Allowed

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner)


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Somehow I don't really think this guy wants to date whoever would agree to actually meet him.

I have a pretty good idea why this guy is still single.

When you create a dating app where you are the only guy allowed, yet you still can't get a date...it's you, dude.

Man creates world’s first male contraceptive app.

My friend Deb saw another flaw: what if it attracts the notice of lesbians, who only have one guy to ignore on it.

The first woman to respond sent a picture of herself and she is a beauty queen winner. The lady would love to meet him for a date, but she had been robbed in Nigeria and needs a mail order for $2,000 dollars sent to her immediately so she can buy a ticket to leave the country and run to his arms

If you build a dating app that only attracts your mom, you may have a problem. It's also a waste of time! All he has to do to see her is to walk up the basement stairs.

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