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November 07, 2019


Bigfoot is missing.

(Thanks to SuZie Q Wacvet and pharmaross)


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Zorro was here.

One of my former employees is missing?!

I saw a recent story where a family of Bigfoot trackers ended up with arrests and a variety of charges.

One of the adults startled another, which resulted in being shot with a handgun. As people lied and attempted to conceal the evidence, several charges came out.

I think ICD 10 Code W34.00XA applies, although there may be something more specific to Bigfoot injuries

First a boulder goes missing and now this. Our crooks are getting stronger! Also, thanks to Dave for fixing Suzie Q Wacvet's name. That should shut her up was a very nice thing to do.

I never realized Bigfoot had such a large fivehead.

I hope they get it back by January as it was going to be a highlight of our trip to Florida.

Did they check his mother's basement?

The store owner claimed he never knew where that bigfoot "statue" came from, but now he thinks it could have been just been resting all this time.

Jeff, this will just give you and your wife more time to hunt Pythons! Don't forget to send pictures.

Thank you, Dave. And, um, thank you? Cindy.

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