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November 29, 2019


The 10 most desired tech gifts of the 1970s, year by year

"Pong" remains the only video game that this blog ever mastered.

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)


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I remember shortly after graduating high school I learned how do long division when the first hand held calculators came out.

My dad had the Texas Instruments calculator. I was never allowed to touch it because it cost $700 at the base exchange. Now you can get one that does just as much, if not more, at Dollar Tree. I still have a VCR and my 1977 Atari with 10 games. I'm hoping it will be worth a fortune some day.

My wife saw that one of the hot new games on kid phones is a variation on Pong.

As a substitute teacher, she was able to give the second graders a little bit of a history lesson.

I could play Pong not bad. Space Invaders were too difficult, and Pacman was beyond my abilities. That was the last game I ever played.

Several years before Pong came the Magnavox Odyssey. You literally *taped* a plastic film to the front of your TV screen. Each film was printed with an image of the boarder for each game, to make the "football" yardage markers, etc. The games themselves were all little more than Pong, however. Hit the blip and bounce it to the other player.

I wanted one so badly that I could taste it, but they sold for $350. That seemed like a million dollars to me at the time.

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