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November 07, 2019


Canadian man told his curb, damaged 26 years ago, to be repaired in 2037

(Thanks to Steve K.)


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Paging Zager And Evans.

Everyone I know from Canada would probably tell you this was pretty prompt service.

Sounds a bit like our old HOA. One of the items we received with the sale was a spot for a pending item on the agenda at the meeting. We lived there 8 years and passed the spot to the next owners

And this is why we should not copy the Canadian health system.


By which time, we'll have those flying cars, so this will be a moot point.

Apparently this has been outsourced to the Michigan Department of Transportation.

Sounds reasonable. Do you know how long it thkes to grow quality cement?

Sounds like a job for the power of the willy.

The Oregon Department of Highways has a method to quickly take care of matters like this.

Of course, the wait time for curb repair for Winnipeg City Councillor Brian Mayes would be 15 minutes.

He could include the letter if he ever decides to sell his house, as a way to increase the value.

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