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November 25, 2019


She says, once the suspect was injured, she ran and grabbed a bottle of shampoo – and started pouring it on him.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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I understand the use of the table and the broom but I'm a little fuzzy on why she used a bottle of shampoo. Otherwise, good for her and I hope the robber learned his lesson.

Crime-fighting tip: Make sure you're not using any of that sissy no-tear stuff.

Do not EVER mess with her. I love the selfie with the cops.

Cindy, she said she poured it in his face, so presumably that means his eyes. I'm betting it wasn't Johnson's Baby Shampoo, so it probably stung pretty good.

Resourceful old gal, isn't she? I bet the cops laughed their butts off at that guy.

Directions: In case of home invasion, apply generously to intruder’s head and shoulders. Lather, rinse, and repeat. Apply conditioner as necessary to fully repel intruder.

That stuff should probably be licensed.

What a sweet lady. She cared enough to want the home invader to have nice clean hair for his mugshot.

I always keep a bottle of 'Jerkins Ghost Pepper Shampoo' by my front door jut for this type of occurrence.

"Pour some SHAMPOO on me-ee!"

-Def "Head-washing" Leppard

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