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November 09, 2019


Convicted killer claims he’s done serving life sentence because he died years ago

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, Peter M and Doug Ogg)


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Please release me let me go

For I died some time ago.

So release me and let take and ax handle and love again.

Judge: "He's not dead. He's just resting."

Jeff -- Are you sure he's not just pining for the fjord ?

He feels happy !

Jeff--Maybe if he was released from prison he could find happiness dressing in women's underwear and being a lumberjack.

Basically the same defense strategy as in an old Isaac Asimov story, only it didn't work.

Brain dead doesn't count.

My interest in my job died years ago. Does that count?

Speaking on behalf of all of us who have died, I completely agree that all debts should be cancelled on death, however short-unlived.

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