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October 08, 2019


A woman attended the Saints game Sunday in the Superdome and it appears that she forgot to put on her pants and/or undergarments.

(Thanks to bayou girl)


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Who Dat?

Win one for the Nipper.

Butt not rhyming with Gipper weighed heavily on constructing my comment.

I would also like to thank Bayou Girl for sending this in. I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing that butt shot. I always remember my pants but I did accidentally wear my bedroom shoes to McDonald's once. In my defense it was early and I wanted a bacon, egg, and cheese McGriddle and I wanted it now!
OT but, Happy Birthday Rob Barry!

There could be a thong up in there.

just sayin'

Backfield in motion but we'll pick up the flag.

41? Yeah, that's appropriate. She is more of a fullback than a tight end...

Way up in there.

Shoulda been 71 for an offensive end.

That woman is a prime example of a buttinsky.

For a certainty, her butt looks better than mine. However, my dignity looks better than hers.

Now, aside from the whos and the whys, what about the hows? I mean, likely she was wearing a g-string, or thong. But, even if she was, how did:

1. She think this was a good idea?

2. She pull it off with a straight face?

3. Her family/significant other let her leave the house like that?

4. The dude standing next to her just stand there all like, 'No problem. This is perfectly normal.'

5. She lose the bet, and what were its terms?

6. She get into the stadium like that? (I'm guessing this isn't proper stadium attire, but what do I know about the Saints?)

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