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October 27, 2019


Humans Are Gobbling Up Acorns, Driving Squirrels Nuts

(Thanks to Emily, Leslie and w and Asher Scheiner)


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This is happening in South Korea. We just need to get the "Acorns are health food" fad started here.

Beneath the spreading mighty oak tree the village squirrels sit
Waiting with baited breath for a little nut to fall
their way
Yet people always say
the mighty oak tree was once a little nut
that never had a squirrel come it's way

One year the confiscated acorns totaled nearly 450 pounds, such a large haul that they used a helicopter to redistribute the loot for the squirrels.

Les Nessman, call your office...

My fear is that the squirrels would adapt to use an alternative food source, meanwhile sticking us with all sorts of acorn-based "food" that we don't really want to eat anyway.

coscolo I'll get the ball rolling on the acorn health food fad.
Acorns are not only gluten free but they're low carb and low fat too!

I have long understood the benefits of my favorite food.
My d-d-dear friend, Pooh, prefers honey to haycorns.

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