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October 27, 2019


...millennials reveal why they are selling vintage underwear online

(Thanks to Doug Ogg)


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"Young women aged 18 to 24 who live in New York or Los Angeles" and shop for grandma's undies on Etsy need to be squashed like bugs.

The problem with corsets is it's really hard to make both ends meet.

"I Can't Even."

I'd let her buy some of my collection but unfortunately I'm still wearing most of it.

I also have some vintage underwear, Wal-Mart, circa 2011. Hardy ever used. So if anyone is interested, call me:

For Dr. Dardik, a vintage item is wearable so long as it has been “thoroughly cleaned prior to use.”


I just heard there's a photo sharing site dedicated to this. It's called Insta-Gran.

Its my experience that underwear, like fine wine, becomes better with age.

Because they're all idiots?

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